How to Plan a Virtual Dinner Party

It’s critical that we all take COVID-19 seriously and stay at home. As humans, the lack of social interaction involved in a quarantine however, can be both unfamiliar and emotionally exhausting. But, don’t forget! We live in a time when technology makes it easy for happy hours, coffee dates and dinner parties, to happen online.

Here are some tips for organizing a simple (or EXTRA) virtual dinner party.

1.Pick the Date + the Service

First step in a virtual dinner party is a group text, email or calendar invite, where you pick the date and video service you’ll use to connect. There are so many to choose from, but I like to keep it simple with either Google Hangouts, Zoom or FaceTime.

If you’re inviting someone who has never used a video chat before (Hey Grandma!) schedule a time to help them set up and get familiar with the service ahead of time.

2. Send out a Recipe or Decide on a Theme

Of course, you can have a dinner party just reheating leftovers and chatting with your friends or family (I did it yesterday!) But step it up a notch as the quarantine continues by sharing out a recipe for everyone to cook together or choosing a theme like Taco Tuesday.

No matter how separated we are physically, we need to gather around food. With kids out of school and more time on our hands, there is no better opportunity to hang out in the kitchen together.

3. Mix up a Quarantini

If you haven’t heard about this, it’s the trendiest cocktail around. All you have do, is mix up a fancy beverage (alcoholic or otherwise) made from ingredients already in your home.

Basically: scavenger hunt meets recipe contest (for the competitively inclined). The winner is creativity, and the prize is flattening the curve.

With that, you’ve got yourself a top-notch virtual dinner party. Most importantly the rule is have fun. Dress up, share screenshots, make memes of one another; anything for a good laugh. Tag us in your dinner party stories and tell us how you’re keeping connected and creative in the kitchen.