Highlight on Healthy Eating: National Nutrition Month

Michigan companies make it easy to celebrate National Nutrition Month. Here are our suggestions for keeping a healthy lifestyle while choosing local! 

Make your smoothie routine as smooth as possible with Purple Beet

Blueberry Hemp Smoothie Pack from Purple Beet
Michael Murphy IV Photography // http://www.michaelmurphyiv.com/

As Purple Beet’s most popular flavor, the Blueberry + Hemp smoothie pack combines cherries and blueberries with the plant powered protein from hemp seeds and pure almond butter for ultra sustenance. Combine the contents of one smoothie pack with a cup of your milk of choice, and blend for a delicious 16 oz. wholesome smoothie. Slim down your smoothie prep time and pick up Purple Beet’s smoothie packs on their website

End “Hanger” with Juicy Kitchen’s Energy Balls

Energy Balls from Juicy Kitchen

Stock up on Juicy Kitchen’s Energy Balls, which are made with gluten free oats, organic peanut butter, vegan protein powder, dark chocolate chips, ground flax, unsweetened coconut, and local honey! They are perfect for storing in your gym bag, glove compartment, coat pocket, or purse for an easy, wholesome snack when you’re hungry, but on the go! Find them in the Ann Arbor area at Juicy Kitchen, or Agricole, Argus Farm Stop, or Sweetwaters Cafe

Start healthy habits early with Squash Boom Beet

Squash Boom Beet : An Alphabet for Healthy Adventurous Eaters

Find fun vegetables like dragon tongue beans and candy cane beets from more than 50 Northern Michigan farms in this alphabet book for young eaters. Inspire the kid (and adult!) in your life to be a brave eater and discover nutritious options with this bookshelf delight. Order your copy of Squash Boom Beet online!

Get on a nutritious meal plan with Root Farmacy!

Root Farmacy Meal Options

Find allergen-free and wholesome ingredients in every meal with Root Farmacy in Grand Rapids! Originally made from food plans in their functional medicine clinical programs, this meal plan program is now open to anyone in the community, and these weekly fully prepared meals are designed by doctors and dietitians for gut health, blood sugar balance and hormone health. All meals are gluten and dairy free and full of local nutrient dense veggies. Sign up on their website to get started! 

Add a blast of local nutrients to your post workout drink and smoothies with Montmorency Tart Cherry Concentrate

A 100% natural product, King Orchards’ Montmorency Tart Cherry Concentrate is power packed with health benefits and never any added sugar or preservatives. A great post-workout drink, the antioxidants and nutrients in the concentrate are known to help with muscle recovery,  joint pain and also contains natural melatonin which can help with healthy sleep cycles. You can start adding it to your favorite smoothies by ordering online

However you are bringing healthy habits into your life, be sure to include local sources! Find more possibilities on our Find Food and Farms Directory.

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