Cherry Everything

When you step into Benjamin Twiggs, you are greeted with the most heavenly aroma… locally roasted Cherry Vanilla Coffee… the coffee of the day. Your eyes are drawn to the wall of cherry products to your right. After a few steps, you are welcomed with a friendly hello by our staff… today it is Monica.  She offers you a cup of that incredible coffee, and introduces you to our sample table. She will invite you to taste what is already laid out, and of course invite you to sample anything else you want to try.

While you sample, you pick up the Cherry Pepper Jelly, and wonder what to do with it.  Monica suggests pouring it over a brick of cream cheese for a quick appetizer, then hands you one of our Cherry Pepper meatball recipes and gives you a few more ideas.  More free recipes are offered and you take one of each.

Monica tells you that as Traverse City’s first cherry store, Benjamin Twiggs has supported our local farmers for over 50 years.  She expresses our appreciation to you for keeping our local economy viable.             MIGiftBasket7862-72

In the middle of the store, you spot gift assortments in neatly packed gift boxes and professionally created gift baskets.  Then you notice the big sign that says “we ship” and the question that was just being formed in your mind is answered.  This is great information since you have to send a gift to your mom. Monica explains our 10% corporate discount and you form a list in your mind of your clients that deserve a special something from you.

You look toward the left of the store and a sea of cherry-themed gifts beckons. Cherry luggage, signs, aprons, dishtowels, candles and even lotions are charmingly displayed. You love the variety and quality of cherry gifts that you haven’t seen anywhere else in town.  

The Cherry Festival wall isn’t missed on your trip either. National Cherry Festival logo gear and gifts are displayed with a sign that informs you that 100% of these purchases are donated back. You now know where to purchase these items year-round too!

If you are not from northern Michigan, by now you are most likely engaged in a conversation with Monica about your hometown and reason for visiting the area.  You are laughing and enjoying a fun shopping experience.  The “Benjamin Twiggs Experience,” to be precise.


Monica thanks you again for spending your time in our beautiful area, and for visiting Benjamin Twiggs.  After you make your purchase, Jeanne tucks our catalog into your bag and reminds you to visit our website,  She gives you a warm send-off with her great big smile and you decide that you’ll come back to Benjamin Twiggs whenever you need a cherry gift, recipe or just a cup of coffee and a good laugh!

Benjamin Twiggs,1213 E. Front Street, Traverse City MI 49684 

Julie Millen is the owner of Benjamin Twiggs. Contact her at [email protected].