Crop Spot: Brussels Sprouts

Are you team Brussels sprouts? In the same cultivar group as popular veggies like kale, and broccoli, Brussels sprouts are one of the more divisive vegetables. However, we think they’re delicious, especially when purchased from a local farm, or even grown at home! 

In the Garden

Brussels sprouts grow tall in their signature stalk covered in tiny cabbage sprouts. It is best to start them as transplants into fertile soil in mid-Summer. The Michigan State University Extension recommends doing a soil test before planting because sprouts have a preference for potassium. Learn more about cultivating these veggies in this growing guide from MSU Extension 

In the Medicine Cabinet 

According to the USDA, these sprouts are Vitamin C powerhouses, as well as good sources of Vitamin B6 and fiber. 

In the Kitchen 

Roast them! Saute them! Shred them! Brussels sprouts are versatile veggies that can be prepared and dressed up in many different ways. 

Try out this recipe for Brussels Sprout Pesto from Chef Ederique Goudia of Make Food Not Waste.

In Storage 

Did you know that buying Brussels sprouts on the stalk keeps them fresher for longer? Keep your eye out for sprouts being sold this way at your local farmers market or farm stand. Once you take them home, covering them in a plastic bag and keeping them in the crisper drawer of your fridge will give you lasting results. 

How do you like to enjoy Brussels sprouts? Find local sprouts near you using our web directory.

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