Local Ingredients, Unforgettable Flavor: Why Big O’ Smoked Salmon is a Cut Above

Nestled in West Michigan, Big O’ Smokehouse has stood as a pillar of culinary excellence and family tradition in the smoked seafood industry for over 25 years. As an independent, family-owned business, they’re not just sellers of fine smoked seafood; they’re passionate craftsmen who believe in the power of community, quality ingredients, and good-for-you food!

“At Big O’s, our commitment to quality is reflected in every piece of smoked fish and seafood that leaves our smokehouse. It’s not just about maintaining our family’s legacy—it’s about elevating it. That’s why we’ve forged strong partnerships throughout Michigan to provide you ‘the best you ever had’ when choosing Big O’ Smokehouse.”

Bruce Osterhave, 3rd-Generation Big O’ Smokehouse Owner

One product synonymous with the Big O’ name is their Sweet Smoked Salmon Jerky. It regularly converts fish naysayers into fans, with its sweetness from local honey. The depth of flavor compliments the natural hardwood smoke, creating the perfect combination of salty, sweet, and downright delicious. 

Building on the success of natural sweetness, Big O’ Smokehouse is reimagining their Maple Smoked Salmon Fillets to include local maple syrup, harvested right here in Michigan. This change is more than just a new recipe—it’s a celebration of the state’s rich, natural resources and a testament to its ongoing commitment to community and quality. 

Enhanced with real maple syrup, these Maple Salmon Fillets are hot-smoked and ready to eat, offering a versatile and delicious option for any day of the week. Whether served hot or cold, their Maple Fillets are a breeze to prepare. Simply pair them with your favorite rice or quinoa and add a side of seasonal Michigan vegetables to complete the meal. This month, eaters are enjoying the vibrant, fresh taste of Michigan asparagus, a perfect accompaniment to the sweet and smoky flavors of Big O’ Salmon Fillets. 

Kendra Higgins, Director of Sales & Marketing, elaborates on their local collaboration efforts: “By partnering with Michigan-based suppliers for our honey and maple syrup, we enhance the flavor of our products while supporting the local economy. We continue this commitment by collaborating with various independent butcher shops and specialty markets across the state, ensuring our unmatched quality is more accessible to customers. Our partnerships reflect a shared commitment to quality and a passion for showcasing what Michigan offers.”

We invite you to shop locally and experience the convenience and deliciousness of ready-to-eat Big O’ smoked fish and seafood. Starting in June 2024, the improved maple fillet recipe will begin rolling out to locations throughout Michigan. So next time you’re at your local grocer, remember to ask for Big O’ by name or use their product locator to find Big O’ closest to you. Experience the difference natural ingredients and over 25 years of smoking expertise can make in your seafood.

“Whether it’s our new maple-enhanced fillets or our honey-sweetened salmon jerky, we’re confident you’ll taste the care, quality, and community effort that goes into every bite. Welcome to our family table—where Michigan’s finest smoked seafood is served.

This post was crafted in collaboration with Big O’ Smokehouse.