Avalon: The Hearth of Detroit Since 1997

This story was originally published in the ‘2022 Local Food Guide for Michigan

Twenty-five years ago, Jackie Victor and Ann Perrault (neither business owners nor bakers, but community organizers), opened an artisan bakery in Detroit’s Cass Corridor when even the landlord said the neighborhood “wasn’t ready for windows.”

Avalon’s three Bottom Lines: “Earth, Community, Employees” shaped the business and contributed to an engaged, loyal, and transformational community that they feel they have been privileged to serve. Since day one, Avalon has supported countless community-based organizations in Detroit and provided a warm and welcoming space for all Detroiters. Their sustainability efforts have taken root too: local urban farms now supply Avalon and dozens of local businesses, Avalon has purchased over 12 million pounds of organic flour from farms across the country, and vegan baked goods have been served at Avalon for over 20 years, all reducing the business’s carbon footprint.

Much has changed since those early days: stores, restaurants, and apartments have opened around the bakery drawing new residents and visitors to the neighborhood and the city. Through the hard work and dedication of its team members, Avalon has grown from a vision to a Detroit institution. Most recently, they have expanded their reach from restaurants, grocery stores and coffee shops to distributors who offer their goods statewide. Avalon is especially looking forward to their delicious burger buns and vegan cakes made with 100% organic flour that will soon be hitting grocery store shelves across Michigan.

The Avalon commitment remains the same: The planet we call home, the community they serve, and the employees they consider family. Avalon strives to nourish and inspire others to “Eat Well. Do Good” for many years to come.


• 1 café in Detroit

• 2,000 square feet

• 100% organic flour

• 4 employees


• 100,000+ loaves of hearth sourdough

• 3M+ sea salt chocolate chip cookies

• 250,000+ shots of espresso

• 2,500 lbs of local sunflower sprouts sold on our GardenWorks vegan sandwich


• 3 cafés in Detroit & Ann Arbor

• 50,000 square foot bakehouse

• 100+ employees

• 100% organic flour