Art in the Market

Charlevoix itself is a work of art. Three pristine lakes embrace this tiny little community where every photograph could be a painting.

Art-Cal-K_1412wwwI’m blessed to manage the Charlevoix Farmers Market, placed in the heart of this artsy town, where the sun rising over the marina behind us is like a living postcard. 

It’s no wonder why so many artists live in this area!

It occurred to me four years ago that merging art with the Market would be a great match. Since then I’ve organized, ‘Art in the Market’ – an annual assembly of various types of art, from music to dance to Plein Aire painters. But this year I wanted the public see just how many great talents live near Charlevoix. Knowing many of them from the past 10 years shooting pictures for the news, I began asking if they would join us for a special day.

Art-LindaBoss_1457-wwwArt in the Market is not an art fair – they can’t sell a stack of prints that morning – its a day to share Art with the community. And what a day it was! Internationally known sculptor, Todd Warner, personally autographed prints for a hundred people and gave them away free. Art Prize fireworks/landscape artist Cal Kemppainen stood and painted as he met the public. As did Linda Boss with PureCharlevoix, Candice Klooster-Speck using Watercolors, Kurt Anderson impressionist, Heidi Tonn-Cooper of Rocky Top Farms (one of our own vendors) with ‘whimsy on wood’ and Larissa Flynn with oils.  Edith Pair painted on glass; Grant Oliver carved wooden duck decoys and Sharon Smithem worked on tiny tile paintings she makes into necklaces. We also enjoyed music by Spanish guitarist, Kadin McCallum and the children painted a giant canvas donated by the Circle of Arts.

Art-EdithP_1455wwwThe blend of artistic talent – with everything from fine painters to artisan bread bakers – set on a background like Charlevoix’s East Park with thick, green grass rolling down to the marina, can only be topped when visitors of all ages stop and engage in this picturesque life.

The Farmers Market provides and opportunity to live a moment, stroll past the art and the vendors – sample the fresh goodies out in the open air and take a long, slow look around. 

Enjoying a morning at Art in the Market is like turning a snapshot into a Rembrandt. 

Visit Charlevoix’s Farmers Market downtown at East Park, 8am – 1pm every Thursday through Oct 5. We switch to afternoons October 12 and move into the Charlevoix Public Library 3-6 pm until Thanksgiving. Hope to see you there! 

Phone: 231-330-0968 if you would like to be considered as a vendor or artist in 2018, we have a few spaces open.

M. Chris Leese, is the Charlevoix Farmers Market Manager.

Follow the Market at: 

Instagram: @chxfarmersmarket or Twitter: @farmersmarketcv