Ann Arbor Farmers Market – The Experience Never Ends

As we enter the fall season and enjoy the abundance of the autumn harvest, the Ann Arbor Farmers Market may be at its peak but the experience of the Market continues year round.

As fresh, local food gets harder to find in the winter months, the Ann Arbor Farmers Market continues to thrive as one of the few open-air markets in southeast Michigan. Thanks to modern greenhouses and hoop houses, farmers are able to extend their growing seasons much longer. Truckloads of vegetables, orchard crops, eggs, local meat, honey, bouquets of flowers as well as unique locally handmade goods are all readily available throughout the winter.

In just a couple months, the Ann Arbor Farmers Market will make its annual transition into the winter season. Vendors bundle in layers of snow gear to bear the cold of winter to continue to bring us fresh, local foods and unique products all year. The vibe of the market may be more low-key but the essence of the market remains strong.  Shoppers can enjoy a hot cup of coffee and the anticipated friendly interactions – that same spirit the Market is known for doesn’t go away as the weather turns colder. Plus, it is truly a treat to see the offerings at the Market change throughout the year as different produce come into season.

This year, before winter arrives, the Market will host some exciting events. The last of 6 monthly Food Truck Rallies takes place on Wednesday, October 4 – there have been more than a dozen trucks at each rally with a huge assortment of food truck options. Harvest Week will be celebrated the week of October 25.  The week will include a cooking demo by Chef Nic Sims of The Jefferson Market restaurant of Ann Arbor. On October 28, families will parade through the Market during our annual Halloween Bash. Download the A2 Farmers Market App at for more details on events as well as monthly vendor profiles, parking tips and more.

So, as you enjoy these plentiful harvest months, don’t miss out on all the Ann Arbor Farmers Market has to offer during the winter, too.

Ann Arbor Farmers Market Hours:

January-April  Saturdays 8am-3pm
May-December  Wednesdays & Saturdays 7am-3pm
315 Detroit St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Rebecca Locke is the Ann Arbor Farmers Market Assistant Manager. Find more information about the market here: