Ann Arbor Farmers Market: Market-to-Chef Program

The Ann Arbor Farmers Market recently launched a new initiative to make shopping with market vendors easier for you, our chefs and the culinary community! The effort chefs put into into transforming raw farm-fresh ingredients into culinary works of art is immense. Therefore, the market wanted to help culinary professionals by streamlining the local food shopping experience.

Beginning May 2018, the market now offers the following to local culinary professionals:

 Weekly email (Monday morning) with a single updated product availability list from our participating vendors, including prices. Orders can be made directly to the farmers. Pre-orders are encouraged.
A designated drive-in pick-up zone during both the Wednesday and Saturday markets.
Assistance loading during Chef Hours*
 Free parking on Wednesdays during Chef Hours*
NEW Carts and dollies to use while you shop
Upcoming products/featured products/specials
Opportunity to connect with a Chef-mentor who can guide you through the ins and outs of buying with our farmers

*Chef Hours: Wednesday 7-9am; Saturday 7-9am

If you have questions, or would like more information, contact the market manager Stephanie Willette at [email protected] .

To sign up to receive farmers product availability emails and for an overview of the program, visit our website and visit the Market-to-Chef section.