Alcona is A-Bubbling

There’s a new Certified Local Food Event coming your way in Alcona County this month. On September 30, Farm to Fork Alcona 2017 is hosting a natural fermentation workshop and dinner at Logger’s Trace-Springport Golf Course in Harrisville, beginning at 2pm. Farm to Fork Alcona 2017 is an initiative that is part of Inspiration Alcona, a nonprofit arts and culture organization promoting the friendly rural beauty of Alcona. This initiative is working to help Alcona County become home to the farm-to- fork movement.

David Klingenberger_The BrineryDavid Klingenberger, Founder and Chief Fermentation Officer of The Brinery in Ann Arbor, will lead the workshop demonstration and talk about the history of fermentation and its cultural context. David was originally a farmer by trade, but said he’s always been interested in preserving, canning, and fermenting. He remarked, “fermentation is the most exciting form of food preservation.” We can’t help but agree! There will also be a dietician, Judy MacNeil, present to talk about all the health benefits of raw, fermented foods.

The Brinery’s production manager, Andrew Stebick, a classically trained chef, will prepare the dinner, sourcing the ingredients from several local farmers and producers from the ARA Farm Market in Lincoln including Leeseberg Farms, Brittain Family Farm, and Wandering Winds Farm. Some of the highlights of the dinner will include herb crusted beef sirloin, roasted squash, braised beans with pork, warm tempeh salad, homemade dinner rolls with herbed butter, and apple tart with homemade maple ice cream for dessert. At last calculation, a whopping 86% of the event’s ingredients will be sourced from local growers.

In order to “increase awareness, identify opportunities and roadblocks, and put knowledge into action”, Farm to Fork will also host an annual series of local small farm conferences; the first one is planned for February 10, 2018, at Lost Lake Woods in Alcona County. This conference will promote ways that the national farm-to-fork movement can become a sustainable force in Alcona.

To see some of the effervescent magic that happens during the fermentation workshop, tune into Facebook’s Certified Local Food Events page for a live broadcast on September 30th. TLD will be there, sampling all the glory of this event and keeping you in the local loop.

Molly Stepanski is the local food coordinator for Northeast Michigan. She also operates Presque Isle Farm with her husband, Dion, and son, Sawyer. Contact her at [email protected]