A Win-Win: Mi Farm Co-op

You don’t have to sacrifice anything for high quality local ingredients delivered fresh to your door, and neither does the farmer. In fact, what if I told you: you can find variety, quality and competitively priced produce from a number of local farms in one convenient place. Plus, the farmer gets more profit from the dollar you spend.

MI Farm Co-op Logo

We all have limited time and resources, so let us introduce you to a group of local growers that are pooling their products to give you the best deal on quality produce; a farmer-owned cooperative that makes buying local a win-win.

In 2015, a group of local farmers banded together to form Mi Farm Co-op, a farmer-owned cooperative that makes local sourcing easier and more efficient.

Farmers and wholesale buyers get the best of both worlds because purchasing from Mi Farm Co-op means your working directly with several local farms at once to deliver quality, quantity and variety at the best price.

By streamlining resources like invoicing and delivery, these local farmers are also able to earn more profit from the dollars you spend, which means farmers can remain farming and our picturesque rural land remains farmland in production.

Local Michigan produce is available year-round through the co-op and the online ordering system is available 24/7. Plus with MI Farm Co-op’s full transparency you can learn more about the growers that make up the cooperative and who you’re buying from directly.

In addition to the farms’ traditional produce options, the co-op offers a variety of “lightly processed” vegetables such as radish sticks, cubed butternut squash, shredded potatoes, and carrot coins – perfect for school foodservice.

Between simple delivery, the passionate and cooperative farm members and the wide-variety of product you’ll find listed: Mi Farm Co-op is your simple, efficient solution to sourcing local.