A Cooler Peace of Mind

It’s a hot, muggy summer morning and you’re at the farm getting ready for farmers market. You head to your cooler, open the door, and, instead of being met with an icy blast, you find yourself standing in a warm room. How long has the cooler been down? Is the produce you harvested yesterday ruined? Can you safely sell it at market today?

This is one of the most devastating experiences for a farm or food business. You’ve worked long, hard hours to grow and make products for your customers and rely on your coolers and freezers to store it safely before taking it to market. A down cooler means massive product and profit losses. If you knew when the failures occurred, or were about to occur, you could respond promptly and avoid losses.

Thankfully, AKI Power Technology now provides an economical way to have  24×7 peace of mind that your cooler or freezer is operating at proper temperature. The AKI Temp Monitoring© system uses internet technology to provide real time, 24×7 temperature text alerts and 8 hours of historical temperature data directly to your Android/Apple mobile phone. This timely information allows you to respond to issues rapidly, keep your product safe and marketable, and save money and headaches.

Key features of the AKI Power Technology Temperature Monitoring System:

• Temperatures measured and recorded on cloud server every 15 minutes
High temperature alerts sent immediately by text and email to your specified contacts
Review recent temperature records from any browser on a PC, Smart Phone, or Tablet anywhere, anytime.
Respond to freezer/cooler problems promptly and avoid product spoilage.
Assure freezer defrost cycles are functioning as expected
Maintain HACCP Compliance

For more information about AKI Power Technology and determine if this system would benefit your food business or farm, visit: www.akipowertech.com

Bob Sucaet is the Founder/Owner of AKI Power Technology. Learn more at www.akipowertech.com