7 Local Food Must-Do’s this Fall

Fall is a beautiful, but fleeting season. That’s why creating a checklist feels like the perfect way to cross off as many to-do’s as possible. Here’s what we’re doing this fall. What’s on your list?

1. Head to the Market!

It’s time to get back into good routines and shopping at the farmers market is an important one. If you’ve been busy and the weekly outing hasn’t been on your calendar, make it a new habit. Local produce is in abundance right now and there is no better time to be there. 

2. Freeze your Favorites

The colors of summer are often what I miss most when the snow flies, so I’ve been freezing fruit all summer long since the strawberries first ripened. Last up, stone fruit: peaches, plums, and apricots. I’m planning to make a medley and then freeze some extra peaches just because they’re a favorite. Keep this for winter!

3. Go to a Harvest Dinner on the Farm. 

Honestly there is no better time to eat a great local meal on the farm or in a vineyard. Luckily it’s often the time you can find many of these dinners available, make sure you get there. 

4. Yes, You Can! 

Tomatoes and Basil are easy to find in bulk from your local farmers this time of year. If you’re lucky, buying large amounts will get you a discounted price and with some simple canning recipes you’ll be eating local year-round. Lots of things can be preserved throughout the year, but canned tomatoes, tomato sauce and pesto are definitely three things I can use in bulk. 

5. Plan a Soup Swap

My friends and I do seasonal clothing swaps to change up our wardrobes and cut down on spending, but I’ve been dying to do a soup swap and the season is finally here. Each guest makes a big pot of soup at home and brings 4-6 quarts to the party. At the party one quart of each soup is warmed up to taste and by the end of the night you take home a variety of soups to store in the freezer. Wine is also recommended. 

6. Make Leek Butter

One of my favorite springtime flavors is ramps (wild leeks). I try and preserve their delicious foraged pep by making ramp butter, but by summer’s end, I’m usually out. Enter the other leek — another incredible flavor that’s fleeting and a perfectly simple butter ingredient. Make this and share with your friends, I implore you. 

7. Drink Cider & Eat Pumpkin Donuts

I don’t specifically remember doing this as a kid, but there is something about fresh apple cider and pumpkin donuts from a local farm market that screams nostalgia. Pro-tip: farms with these often have u-pick apples, pumpkins or other great fall activities. Find an apple farm near you.

What’s on your fall foodie checklist?

Claire Butler is the Content Strategy Specialist for Taste the Local Difference. Contact her at [email protected]