3 Ways to Stay Healthy and Shop Local with Edson Farms

Edson Farms helps their community with wellness, and features local products on their shelves to achieve that mission. This Traverse City store has brought wholesome, sustainable and allergen-friendly options for more than 40 years. Here are just some of the reasons we love shopping for a healthy lifestyle at Edson Farms!

Local Produce and Products 

Edson Farms has local produce, even in the middle of winter! You can load up on Lakeview Hill Farm greens and local carrots, pick up local eggs or dairy products, or even find many Michigan-produced items in the middle aisles, like nut butters, jams, chips and more. I was thrilled to see Michigan grown mushrooms in their Produce section! 

Fresh Juices from Edson Farms

Fresh Juices

You can find an array of fresh juices in the cooler, made with fresh fruits and vegetables and nothing else. With recipes like Granny’s Elixir (green apple, carrot, lime, ginger) and Un-BEET-Able (beet, celery, orange juice, carrot) it’s easy to find many different styles of juice that match your favorite flavors. You can also order fresh juices from the counter, as well as coffee drinks, featuring specials like a beet latte, or a chocolate strawberry smoothie. Grab a bottle to add a blast of nutrients into your daily diet! 

Wholesome Prepared Foods 

Edson Farms makes lunchtime easy with a deli menu that accommodates your dietary needs and has a focus on flavorful, healthy options. If you’re on the run, or want to stock up, they’ve got plenty of salads, soups, sides and more in the cooler. My favorite is the quinoa salad for a delicious and easy lunch! 

Besides their juices, local options, and deli offerings, Edson Farms is a great place to stock up on sustainable cleaning solutions, vitamins and supplements, and cute home goods. They also offer curbside pickup from 9-5 daily! Thank you, Edson Farms, for making it easy to stay healthy and eat local this March and all year long. 

Claire Butler is the Communications Coordinator with Taste the Local Difference. You can reach her at [email protected].