Autorenewal Policy

After their first year of partnership, all TLD partners have the opportunity to receive an autorenewal discount for each subsequent year by keeping a credit card on file for automatic renewal.

To enroll in autorenewal, check the box “save this card for future payments” when signing up for your first year of partnership and let your Local Food Coordinator know you’ve signed up for autorenewal. Those who choose not to add a credit card on file will be charged the non-renewal rate. 

Why Autorenewals?

Autorenewals with credit cards on file save time for both our team and partners, ensuring a seamless renewal experience and continued access to TLD’s marketing services.

Autorenewal Communication

Partners with a credit card on file for automatic renewal will receive an email reminder of their renewal 30 days, 2 weeks, and 3 days prior to the date of their renewal. 

Credit Card Security

We fully understand and respect any concerns related to sharing credit card information, and want to ensure that your information is protected. We utilize Stripe, an industry-leading encrypted platform, ensuring that your sensitive payment information is safeguarded with the highest level of data protection.