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The Power of Local Food In Our Communities:

The power of local food isn't about a zip code.  It is about the trust gained by knowing the actual people involved in growing and producing the food that we eat.  It's not enough to say "my food comes from City X, so I can trust it."  We must be able to go one step further and understand the relationship the grower has with the land.  We should know the philosophy of the processor putting jam into the jar.  We should trust that these people will tell us the truth about how they treat their soils or the origin of a product's ingredients, and that they will do so freely.  This transparency allows us as consumers to take a leap of faith.  It allows us to understand the true value of the product we're about to buy.  It helps us connect the dots from the farm to the table by drawing a clear and unbroken line.  

Taste the Local Difference® creates a series of relationships that encourage this truth, trust, and transparency to occur.  All of the farms, processors, and businesses represented with the TLD brand have signed onto our TLD Pledge to consumers.  It's our way of making that leap of faith a little easier to swallow.

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