Taste the local difference

TLD Selects

Taste the Local Difference® partners with businesses in the region that share our vision to offer you a curated collection of incredible, local food and farming-related products. All of these TLD partners donate a portion of their sales back to Taste the Local Difference, supporting our efforts to grow agri-food businesses in northwest Michigan.

Inhabitect- Green Roof Garden Sheds
These cool garden sheds are designed just for TLD by our partners at Inhabitect. This company is on the cutting edge of design innovation for green roofs of all kinds and they're located right here in northern Michigan. Hiding all your garden gear has never been so conscientious or chic.  Learn More...


Traverse Gourmet
Michigan's seasons, its people, and its food all make this region a great place to visit and a great place to live. There are so many amazing, one-of-a-kind food artisans in Michigan and Traverse Gourmet puts them all in one place: the TLD Gift Bag. This special collection represents the best the region has to offer your palate. To help Traverse Gourmet calculate their donation to TLD, please use the the code LOCAL in the checkout code field on their website.  Shop for the TLD Michigan Gift Bag on Traverse Gourmet's website.


Perennial Harvest- Rain Barrels
Take a used food-grade plastic barrel, save it from the landfill, and add some extra details to give it a whole new life. That's what Perennial Harvest does. These handsome rain barrels help you collect water from the sky and use it in your garden. Be awesome and cooler than your neighbor. Learn More...


High Five Threads- Grown in MI
High Five Threads takes the upbeat and active sensibilities of northern Michigan and shows them off with their cool take on love=impact fashion. "Always have a Michigan map on hand to bring you home." This Michigan Roots shirt design perfectly represents the work of Taste the Local Difference. Be sure to use the coupon code 'localdifference' to share a portion of your purchase with TLD! Learn More... 


Higher Grounds Trading Co.
Higher Grounds Trading Company roasts organic, fair trade, coffee in Traverse City, MI. The TLD Blemd is a robust, rich roast with sweet caramel tones, roasted with a blend of two varieties from Mexico. Your purchase of our TLD Blend helps Higher Grounds accomplish their mission and ours. Learn More...


Michigan's Heirloom Tomatoes

Michigan is also home to some amazing writers. Jena Van Wagner has published a book featuring stories and photographs of growers, backyard gardeners, chefs and others making use of the iconic heirloom tomato. Look for the book soon on store shelves.